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Welcome to The Inside Jobs, Australia’s leading modern bathroom builders in Melbourne. Regardless of whether you are looking for someone to help you build or remodel bathroom of your home or of your commercial space, our team of expert professionals have got your back!

There is no denying that bathrooms are an incredibly important part of everyone’s homes as it is one section that is used multiple times by all members every single day. And yet, when it comes to spending money on it, most people aren’t too keen. That’s where the team of The Inside Jobs steps in! With our experience and process, we have become a name synonymous with high end functional bathrooms designed at the most efficient prices. We are dedicated to bring you more value for your money!

Bathroom remodelling in Melbourne

If you have been considering remodelling for your bathroom in Melbourne but have only forced your ideas at bay because of the lack of the right tools, or the right budget, you can leave your worries now. Our panel of bathroom designers, bathroom renovators and bathroom builders in Melbourne manage all bathroom renovations requirements in Melbourne with absolute ease.

We use only the best quality products to ensure that you are delivered a beautiful, stylish, functional and cost efficient bathroom. Our bathroom remodelling catalogue includes:

• bathroom cabinets,
• vanity tops, his and hers sinks
• bespoke wooden vanity doors,
• bathroom space allocation,
• bathroom floor plans,

And much more!

Everyone deserves a bathroom that can be their personal space of reflection. And therefore, our team is dedicated to provide you with that dream bathroom within the fastest turnaround time and budget. So, if it is a Bathroom Makeover in Melbourne that you are looking for, your search has ended at just the right place with the team of The Inside Jobs!

Shower renovations Melbourne

More often than not, people put off their bathroom renovation requirements in Melbourne because it might seem like a herculean task that interferes with day to day life. Taking this into consideration, our team of adroit and deft bathroom designers create realistic timelines for the entire process and inform you in advance so that you are better prepared. What’s more, our focus lies in swift services without compromising on the quality, therefore, we can always be trusted to provide on time delivery.

The shower space in a bathroom needs to be planned and positioned very carefully. Without that, one might end up wasting the limited space available within the demarcated area for a bathroom. When our clients get in touch with us for shower renovations in Melbourne, we carefully heed all their requirements and then put our brains together to come up with a design and with corresponding fittings that would not only be a beauty to look at, but also extremely efficient.

A shower is not just a functional space in one’s household, but a place where one can be alone with himself. We give enough attention to the design of the overall space to make sure that your solitary moments are aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. Furthermore, our bathroom contractors ensure the renovation is within your budget and gives you maximum satisfaction.

Bathroom furniture, Modern bathroom cabinet Melbourne

Having the right kind of furniture in your bathrooms is an absolute must. Since the bathroom area is typically moist and cold, it is of utmost importance that the cabinetry of the bathroom is such that it does not house bacteria, mold or unwanted critters. At The Inside Jobs, we design cabinets and vanity tops that are beautiful and space saving. We take into account the floor patterns, design elements in the bathroom, and other important aspects of your bathroom space to make sure that every fitting is in sync with the rest of the bathroom.

Making designs work together is an art that not everyone has a complete grasp of. Sometimes, people have a vision of how they would want their bathroom to look like once it is done and ready. However, there is a science that goes behind allotting spaces, choosing furniture and making the patterns and designs work. We take this responsibility from your shoulders and make the cumulative design and functionality work.

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Bathroom Design Process

We believe in keeping our entire process as transparent as possible so that you are always aware of exactly what we are doing with the bathroom of your dreams. Each and every single task right from the beginning up to the final stage of delivery is managed by us, regardless of whether it is a large operation or a minor task.

✦ Bathroom design
✦ Carpentry
✦ Alterations
✦ Bathroom walls
✦ Bathroom floors
✦ Screeding
✦ levelling
✦ Waterproofing
✦ Wall Tiling
✦ Floor Tiling
✦ Tiles grouting
✦ Tiles caulking
✦ Tiles sealing
✦ Shower screen
✦ Fittings
✦ Appliances
✦ Old bathroom demolition


Over the years of having worked with thousands of projects ranging from a small bathroom used by a single user to large luxury bathing suites used by families, and have established a reputation for us as being one of the best bathroom designers in Melbourne. We assure you that will deliver services beyond your expectations. Our only focus is customer satisfaction and we make sure to do it right every single time, just for you.

We are known as the best for any and all needs related to bathroom furniture across Melbourne. Our cabinet makers have a mastery over knowing what the client wants and giving it to them in the best possible manner. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Rather their class apart work will make you want to remodel more spaces of your home.

Talk to our bathroom builders in Melbourne

Our team at The Inside Jobs moves forth with a single goal: ensuring that we can materialize the bathroom of your vision into concrete reality. We listen to every suggestion, every dream, every idea and every requirement that you have to be able to deliver the perfect bathroom and kitchen solution in Melbourne.

All you need to do is get in touch with us! When you place a call to us or reach out to us in any way, we put you through to our bathroom experts who have had years of experience in working with bathrooms and bath cabinetry of various sizes, purposes and designs. Not only will they be able to get you what you want, they will also be able to give you practical suggestions that are trending across Melbourne and yet will remain timeless. So, just get in touch with us and let us know all about what you want and we will make sure that we exceed your expectations to deliver it to you.

Why choose TIJ(The Inside Jobs) Australia for bathroom makeover?

If you are looking for the perfect bathroom design and a team of responsible, skilled and reputed bathroom interior designers in Melbourne, then your search ends here with us. By choosing us, you get:

• Bathroom renovations for all budgets
• More than 1000 choices for designs, patterns, fittings, functionality and more
• Thorough quality services for whole project
• Remarkably quick and efficient project completion time-frame

Regardless of whether you are looking to remodel your existing bathroom, or to make a brand new one, our team of bathroom make over experts and bathroom designers in Melbourne have got your back.

So, stop putting your dreams on hold and get in touch with us so that we can translate your dreams in to reality. We guarantee that our team will leave no stone unturned in making your bathroom something even better than what you hoped for. With the fastest turn around time, state of the art equipment, top brands of products, and cost efficient pricing, the Inside Jobs is the right choice for you. Call us now to get a FREE quote!

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