Kitchen Cabinets

Redesigning your custom budget kitchen has been much easier. With new digital tools and apps, you can now design your kitchen without much trouble. The cabinets are undoubtedly the backbone of the modern kitchen as cabinets are, after all, what makes the kitchen.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you think looks the best. Do you want your new kitchen to be full of modern features or a traditional feel? It’s your call, so don’t be afraid to mix and match the new hardware with older cabinets. Even if it’s a small change, it can go a long way towards giving your kitchen a more cohesive look. It all starts with the hardware, so use that as the jump point for redesigning your kitchen.

  • Choose between custom and prefabricated options.
  • Maximise kitchen storage.
  • Consider the appliances you use the most.
  • Choose from kitchen cupboards and drawers.

A kitchen cabinet is the closest object to you when you enter a kitchen. It keeps all relevant items safe, dry and clean while giving your kitchen a uniquely personal touch! You need to keep many factors in mind while choosing cabinet options. The main question is, what problem do you want to solve? The kitchen cabinets are split into three categories;

Base kitchen cabinets

Base kitchen cabinets may be the most versatile and important piece of furniture in your kitchen. They are the foundation of your kitchen’s design.

Tall kitchen cabinets

Tall kitchen cabinets are essentially cupboards installed in a room requiring additional storage. All of the groceries and fridge stuff you stock will be more than likely kept in a tall cabinets unit (also known as peninsular, box or compartment units) to make sure they’re safe.

Wall kitchen cabinets

The wall kitchen cabinets, as the name suggests, are mounted on the wall. This makes it easy to keep your kitchen clutter-free and lets you save counter space. No one wants to work or live in a chaotic environment. This is why keeping your surroundings organised, clean and neat is important. TIJ works extensively to renovate and remodel your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinets that suit your taste and preferences.

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