Kitchen Splashback

It can be overwhelming to have a new kitchen splashback to add a pop of color, texture and pattern to your kitchen or dining room, and it can feel overwhelming to be faced with so many choices. But, the possibilities can narrow down and make the shopping process more manageable. Renovate your home with these splashback options to complement your home’s overall style with ease. Like a great painting, the proper kitchen splashbacks can transform the mood of your kitchen with a single stroke. Choose from glass, stainless steel, pressed metal or tiles that suit your style.

When choosing your splashback, consider having a shorter splashback in lighter work areas and a full-height splashback behind the cooktop (this will save on cost considerably if you’ve opted for stone, for example) and also looks quite smart. Choosing the right color provides you with seemingly endless possibilities. If your kitchen renovators allow, why not install a splashback window and let the view outside bring colour to your kitchen. This is an easy-to-clean option that adds natural light and brightens your work area during the day. Liven up your kitchen with a splashback that really works. Whether you’re after bold, eye-catching colors or a more simple palette – the choice is yours. You can renovate the rest of your kitchen around this!

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