Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Laundry Room Makeovers and Remodeling

The Laundry room is one of the most important parts of a household, but more often than not it gets ignored.

Laundry rooms and mud rooms tend to be design nightmares. No matter how you try to organize it, it's always a messy little space that gets messy. These spaces may be diligent, but that doesn't mean they have to be style less. Our laundry room makeovers and remodeling team is working hard to create a fully functional ultra-stylish laundry and mud room! From appliances to flooring, details are important when creating fashionable yet functional laundry and dirt closets.

Our Laundry Renovations Melbourne have established a reputation for being one of the best across the country offering practical designs and layouts at a fraction of the costs that you would otherwise have to spend. Whether you are a small household of just a couple of members or you have a bustling house full of people who need their clothes washed and cleaned, our team of Laundry Room Designer can do the job for you! Transforming the tedious and monotonous job of washing and cleaning clothes into a simple and joyful experience is our specialty.

What should Your Laundry Room Interior be Like?

A Laundry room is the hub of activity in every home. It is not just a space to house your washer and dryer, but a space that needs to have lots of storage specifically categorised into spaces assigned for

✦ Dirty clothes,
✦ Fresh washed ones
✦ Whites, lights and coloured
✦ Clothes needing heavy duty wash,
✦ Ones that need gentler cleaning cycles,
✦ Cleaning supplies,

And more.

With a functional space, washing clothes is going to be an absolute breeze. Our Laundry room makeovers are not limited to simple layouts and spaces, but extends to all your requirements, including Laundry Cabinet design in Melbourne. Regardless of whatever you need in there, The Inside Jobs team has gotten it covered for you!

Laundry Cabinet Design

As mentioned above, the Laundry Room Cabinets are one of the important aspects of your home. It is a space that stores everything that you need, carefully laid out so that it is convenient and makes your everyday life easier. We offer a selection of high end, durable and efficient cabinets with options in various designs and materials so that you can have whatever works for you best at a budget that is most suited for you.

In addition to building a new laundry room for your home, we also specialize in remodelling and renovating an existing laundry space. We make Laundry Room Makeovers an absolute joy for you. Our laundry cabinet design can be custom built, or picked off the shelf from our existing catalogue based on your preference.

We work with you every step of the way, advising you regarding materials, layouts, installations before you actually hand us over the responsibility of undertaking the laundry room renovation in Melbourne to us, so that you are always aware of how we are to transform the most functional part of your home.

Here’s what we take care of while renovating your laundry room,

✦ Cabinets
✦ Washers and Dryers
✦ Proper storage
✦ Sinks,
✦ Faucets
✦ Flat panel TV
✦ Ironing space
✦ Tile and other surfaces
✦ Hardware
✦ Lighting

And other,

The Inside Jobs Laundry Room Designer

We work with a team of the most skilled and trusted laundry renovation experts who can translate your ideas into actuality within a stipulated timeline and a shoestring budget. All we need from you is to get in touch with us and share your expectations and requirements so that we can offer you our top suggestions for laundry room makeovers in Melbourne and provide you with an estimated cost.

You can also let us know your budget and we can get back to you with the best design layouts and products that will fit your budget neatly and yet be as functional and useful as ever. We not only take into consideration the durability and functionality aspect of your laundry room cabinet designs, but also the aesthetics and the design sensibility as per the trends and technology evolving in Melbourne.

For our laundry room designers at The Inside Jobs, your laundry renovations in Melbourne is not just a project, but a celebration of art and functionality that can be introduced in your life because you deserve a life of convenience and comfort. We make sure that you fall in love with the laundry rooms designed by our laundry room designers in Melbourne!

What’s more, our experts can turn any space into a functional laundry room for you! That’s right, whether it is an unused study or a dusty old basement that you’ve been wondering what to do with into a fabulous, functional and convenient laundry room of your dreams! Once you step into our laundry space, you will definitely stop thinking of doing dirty clothes as a chore and enjoy it as a space for relaxation and joyful experience.

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Extra Features from the House of TIJ Laundry Renovation Melbourne

As technology and creativity have evolved rapidly over the past few years, our team of expert Laundry Room and kitchen renovators have incorporated the best ideas in their design schematics for you. To make the task of washing dirty clothes an enjoyable and convenient one, we have a catalogue of extra offerings for you! They are:

• Hanging racks
• Hooks
• In-built baskets
• Separate baskets (for different loads such as pet clothes, white clothes, inner-wears etc.)

Our team includes people from different parts of Australia specializing in different design and building niches so that once you pass over the responsibility of making your dream laundry room to us, you can just sit back and relax as we provide you with end to end laundry renovation Melbourne. People from all trades such as painters, tillers, cabinetry builders, supervisors and so on and so forth, we have everything you need. We only rely on top brands for the products that we use for your laundry room makeovers in Melbourne and have state of the art equipment to exceed your expectations and deliver that perfect laundry room of convenience and style to you. So, call us NOW to speak to our experts and avail a FREE quote!

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