Getting the right wardrobe that makes your existing fashion accessible and convenient for everyday use is a necessity that we often ignore, fearing for the overwhelming costs that it might present. However, with the team of best Wardrobe Installation experts in Melbourne at the The Inside Jobs in your corner, you never have to worry about it again! With state of the art equipment and high end products, we deliver seamless walk in wardrobe designs that emphasise your style and blend within your existing space like a dream.

Our wardrobe renovations in Melbourne are focussed on bringing your ideas to the front and incorporating it within the given space for a functional and multi purpose area within the confines of your home. We believe that a wardrobe doesn’t need to be a dump for your clothes and other essentials. It can be a vibrant and joyful space that lives up to your personality and helps you in your everyday lives.

If you want to consolidate multiple functions in your wardrobe area, such as a safe for your important items, a sneaky bar cabinet for you to enjoy by yourself or a space for siblings to share and try out each other’s clothes, we can build it for you! Our team of wardrobe designers in Melbourne have had the experience of working with hundreds of households and transforming a dull region of their home into the most convenient and functional place.


At The Inside Jobs, we believe in understanding what the customer wants and moving every stone in order to translate that into reality. We have a four pronged delivery process. This is how it works:


The first step is to take into account what the customer needs. We consider all the factors that can impact the desirability of the outcome, including the number of people in the house hold, the actual physical space available, the shape of the area demarcated for the wardrobe, the different functionalities intended for that space, and, of course, the budget.


This is the step where our team of wardrobe designers in Melbourne collaborate with the market researchers identifying trends, latest designs and technology in order to custom create the perfect fitment for your wardrobe space. We also provide you with an estimated cost based on the budget that you shared with us.

Step Three: Execution

This is the process where our team gets down and dirty to start building the space of your dreams. We work tirelessly to ensure that we can translate your ideas into actuality within the shortest timespan so that you don’t have to wait for an eternity to start enjoying your own wardrobe fit out in Melbourne.

Step Four: Quality Assessment and Handover

Once the entire project is completely built, our team of quality assessment and supervisors go through the wardrobe installation in Melbourne with a fine tooth comb to deliver nothing but perfection for you. Once we are satisfied that we have truly exceeded your expectation, we finally handover your dream wardrobe back to you.

On the whole, our adroit group of the top wardrobe designers and builders are committed to bringing the best wardrobe installations in Melbourne for you by working intimately with you and making the entire process of space transformation joyful and worth your time and money.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for ourselves for being one of the most cost efficient, hardworking, and reliable companies offering wardrobe installations in Melbourne. Each one of our custom wardrobe designs are unique, high end and built to particularly suit your requirements within the space that you already have. Whether you already have a wardrobe that needs the magic touch of sprucing up or if you are moving in to a brand new space looking to get more value for your money from a limited space, The Inside Jobs Wardrobe Renovations and Wardrobe Designers in Melbourne have got you covered!


Designing the perfect wardrobe is a true combination of science and art put together. One needs to be fully aware of the space that they are working with and use it in the best possible way so that every square inch has its own role and functionality.

As experts in the Wardrobe design and installations industry in Melbourne, we are committed to delivering aesthetically pleasing and yet practical and functional wardrobe spaces that can fulfil more roles than one within the confines of a limited space.

Our designs are unique, flamboyant, creative and functional. Our team prides itself in being able to understand the customer’s requirements and working closely with them in order to be able to offer designs that don’t just live up to, but exceed our client’s expectations. We, at The Inside Jobs provide end to end services, right from the phases of design to building and installation. If you thought renovating or designing your wardrobe space will cost you the earth and be a tedious chore, think again! All you need to do is get in touch with us at The Inside Jobs and we manage the whole project for you seamlessly!


We handcraft your wardrobe to make sure that it echoes your style, needs, and of course, your budget. We aim to offer not just storage solution in your wardrobe space but also functional areas that can be demarcated to facilitate your everyday activities. It’s all in the customised solutions.

We specifically plan a layout that allows you to move freely, access all corners efficiently and reduce your time consumed to carry out your daily rituals. We approach every space with an open mind and create wardrobes and cabinets with both pivoting and sliding doors to maximize the potential of the place.


Organisation is key to enjoying a continued relationship with a good wardrobe. Without organisation, regardless of how much physical space you have, you will still find it messy and unusable. But can great aesthetics and functional wardrobes alone make organisation easy? To some extent, the design of the cabinetry and the fit outs can contribute to making organisation easier, however, our experience in this industry has taught us that there a few extra tools that can make the whole process not only easier but also a lot more enjoyable and continuously maintainable

Here are a few extra items that the team of Inside Jobs offers. Take a look:

  • Belt rack
  • Slide out mirror
  • Wire baskets
  • Custom cabinets
  • Tie rack
  • Custom footwear rack

Our only aim is to ensure that you are a 100% satisfied with our services and your new wardrobe. This is why; we go out of our way to include modern technology, trends developing across Melbourne and traditional designs that have been known to be practical to give you the dream wardrobe.

We offer an array of colours, styles, designs, ranging from earthy neutral tones, bright whites, to bold and vibrant colours and patterns, you name it and we’ve got it. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a wardrobe that they always envisioned at a price point that they are comfortable with. This is perhaps why; we are considered as one of the most reliable and sought after wardrobe renovations experts in Melbourne.


Have an already existing wardrobe fitment? Only trying to spruce up your existing space? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We understand that destroying or laying waste to your existing wardrobe might not be wisest decision. Therefore, we offer wardrobe makeover and remodelling services as well. We use your existing wardrobe and add our magic to make it more functional and aesthetic. This drives down the costs while giving you more bang for your buck.

If you thought developing your wardrobe into a dream space is a tedious, time consuming and expensive chore, think again! The Inside Jobs is regarded as one of the top Wardrobe Renovations experts in Melbourne because they offer you best in class services, using high end products and state of the art equipment, we make wardrobe designs in Melbourne functional, practical and aesthetic. Need more answers? Just get in touch with us and we’ll answer all your queries!